Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anohter lovely Weekend

It's just a very peaceful lovely weekend. Those usual stuff on Sat... swim, sunbath you know... that's why I came to Santa Barbara for hahahahaha... I finally found the wholefood in town. and I've found the best cereals ever, the Dorset Cereals!!! lol so happy~~ and I've watched the not very good movie at night...

I went to the nicest Italy restaurant (according to Petra & tony) with Nestor today and had a very very very delious late lunch. It's the best meal I've had this time I am in the state... :P And then finally I went to the spot that I always pass by when I drive down to LA. The place I thought it's a lot of surf shops and stuff... and ya, very disappointing :( um... it's some BBQ restaurants by the beach tho... but the beach is cross the rail -_-... um... anyway it's not too much fun... the most exciting thing was, I went to Nestor's home and watched some "Tuesday File". and he started showing me what did he bought from A&F, the shop that a lot of Asian love and expensive in HK, and the shop with super strong stinky perfume all over, and 2 metre around the shop. Though, I found that A&F is actually quite good!? damn it.... and he's bought a lot during its sale... it's like $20 for a very good quality t-shirt man... and he sold some to me! ~_~ I've got 1 for Jimond too~~ how embarrassing~ haha anyway... it's such a relaxing lovely weekend~~ and Tracy will be coming next Friday~~~ wooohooo~~~ hope that we will go to the fish market with Tina next Saturday ^__^

盲山 Blind Mountain(5.5)

I m sorry to say but the movie is actually quite bad. It has a good topic to point out ridiculous problem happening in China but the story is kinda very shitty... and the ending was rubbish but I guess if you wanna take this kinda topic in China, you probably have to do some shit to fulfill the China government or those rubbish departments. And those things make it even worse. um... I feel like it has to be some directors to do this kinda movies to remind us what kinda society we are living in. We must feel bad after watching it but seriously, what can we do? It's the problem of the whole system, it's the problem from the whole country. And what's gonna happen besides creating a group of upset ppl? um... how contradicted?

The Road Home 我的父親母親 (8)

I heard it's a good movie since I was still in Hgihschool maybe... And I just had a chance to see it last weekend. It's a very lovely touching story... I love the cinematography of this movie! and the whole movie is so beautiful... love it love it love it~~ Zhang Ziyi was very pretty in the movie... well she's actually a very pretty woman anyway... and the actors are doing so well... they are either some real local farmers or they've done such a perfect acting. Zhang Yimou actually handle this kinda story much better than those 100 million ones... but well, it's difficult I guess... And of course he should try different kinda movie if he has a choice anyway. I especially love how he use the camera, close up and wide~~ how he handle the natural lighting. It's seriously amazing~ :)

Monday, March 15, 2010


Weekend in Paso Robles

Had a super nice weekend in Megan's grandparents house! It does sound a bit weird but yea~~ it was fun~ and I've learnt quite a few of California slang from the trip driving all the way up to Paso Robles. :D

hahaha~~~ Paso Robles is a tiny little town with only 25000 ppl living there~~ it's like 1 hour from the coast 2 hours from SB and SF~

Megan's grandparent house was amazing! massive and full of love!!! She is from such a lovely family seriously! Her grandparents are so young in heart and active. I do love the place a lot~~ haha... can u even imagine how big 7 Acres is? I was thinking a lot about the life of American and ppl from anywhere else. I am sure they work very hard too while they were young. But a retired corps and retired insurance staff's family can have a 7 Acres house? seriously? Anyway... they are super nice ppl and they probably deserve it.

Anyway... I do have a super great weekend and a lot of good food. They did very good BBQ beef (yea... I found it almost impossible not to eat beef in the state at all) and fish... Nothing very unforgettable except the gum wall!!! that's so disgusting... and damn disgusting! .\ /. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~

Monday, March 8, 2010

Nice Sunday~~

It was a raining Sunday forecast and didn't really expect anything. But end up it was a lovely sunny day here~~ Woke up early, played a bit we the animals, pick some oranges from trees and made juice. Went to swim, and sunbath a bit... and then watched Alice!!! and cook a nice soup for dinner too~~ hahahaha... And I've done a bit of works too~~ hahahaha... what a lovely Sunday~

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alice in Wonderland (9)

Yea... I love the movie! from the story (sorry, love is blindness) to the art directions (thats definitely real) to the CG, to the actors, to the acting, etcetc... haha... I like it much more than Sweeney Todd and Corpse Bride~~ hohoho~~~ seriously, the story wasnt that great, but everything else are ver well done... Johnny Depp is so cooooooool as usual.
and Helena Carter is great cool too~ Mia Wasikowska is very pretty lerh~~~ ho ho ho... yea... I guess everyone wouldn't agreed to me, but i think it worth a 9~~ :D

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Finally I've done my review of my 2009~~

Today, I've been damn laid back... almost done nothing, no sport, no movie, not even a full set of yoga... just lazy lazy lazy and done nothing... I've finally done my review on 2009 tho... seems that's quite a bit of things I've done... This year will not get as much work done as last year probably... coz I gonna go travel around for quite a while~~ :D hahhaa... 2010 is the year of traveling~~ Hope that I can really go for the Europe trip la~~~ I can't wait to meet Carina lerh~~~ lol

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Once (6.5)

It's a movie about how a talented poor guy made his album and the people around and of course a girl who helps. The songs in the movie are nice, I guess that's the best thing they did well~ but I do find the whole movie looks more like a loooong music video or those TVB's 音樂特輯. Too similar indeed...
The acting of the main actor and actress are alright but the rest of the actors are just crap, sorry to say it~ It's a bit boring seriously but not annoying... as I said, at least it's done something quite right that the songs in the movie were good...

What I've done so far in the state~

Time just passed like crazy~~ it's my 3rd week here already! I've definitely settle myself and my mind too... having so much rest~~

I've finally finished Harry Potter
2-5!!! I've watched a lot of crap too >_< I really dont know why did I watch them seriously! I slept with Ishi for a few nights~~ bought a few clothes ,1 toy camera, tickets for Coahella Music Festival lol~~

I've hurt my arm quite badly from basketball, hurt my back quite badly from Yoga, and fingers from opening windows and some other fingers from basketball... seems that I really have to be careful this year of tiger~~

It's real cold and rains a lot
since I came here....... the week before was a bit better and this week was getting worse again... hopefully the sunny lover weather is coming back very soon~~~ I do need some suntan!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I've said it

Yep I really like you a lot but I don't think we are in relationship yet.

Frost Nixon (7.5)

I like this movie~ especially I m in the state and I know nothing about the history here and the background of the movie really. I did read a bit more while I was seeing it and it helps... It's taken in a documentary way which I think it didn't help much to make it more real indeed :P I do find the actor were doing great and I always like those movie which some actors acting as actors in the movie... I always find the idea very fun somehow :P

Harry Potter II (7), III(7), IV(8), V(7.5)

I never thought of seeing these harry potter series until I came to the state, expecting it's no internet at home. I did see the first one and never find it interesting. Jimond just have all of these copy and put them in my harddrive. Very surprisingly, they are actually very well done movies. I hope that I didn't say a word to laugh at ppl who watch each episode of these in cinema. haha... I have to say, when I see the 2nd one, I still find it quite boring. But from the 3rd one they have done very good job and I do want to see them all since then. And I think it's kinda a process we can't miss the first 2 to find the rest interesting. The writer is just so smart and having the whole picture when she start writing the story. Sorry if I disappoint anyone here but I have to say, I like Harry Porter. As in the movie but definitely not the actor! He is basically the worst actor in the whole movie. Worst worst worst man! Very ugly, no character, bad acting. how could it be worse than that seriously. The CG are quite well done. and ah!!!! yes I found that those very nice effect in The Storm Warriors II, 風雲II which I think was very nice (and thought they are original) is actually copied from Harry Porter! what a shame!!!

400 Blows (6.5)

It is a damn famous movie but I guess it has to be seen in its time... probably not now... is it very explosive or very breakthrough or creative, I dont know but when I see it... it's another story of a kid taken in b/w... a bit boring one. I dont feel it~

Yea... so nice to back in SB

Really, I found the time here just goes much faster than in HK. I've been here for over a week already! Oh my god... and I've done so much shopping already!!!! crazy crazy crazy!!!!! I guess I m happy to be here but definitely not too much like to work there.... I can't live with the 9-6 working hour really.... I rather enjoy the day time and work during the night time.... but of course it's more like give up something and gain something else... either, or.... It's much better than a lot of others I supposed....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The break up... :(

Once I got back home, I heard a stocking news... :( Tina and Hans was breaking up :(:( I was really really worry and feel very sad lerh~~~ I kinda know hows it happen a few days after and um.. it's really a difficult situation... but Hans gonna make his step, actually he started but things happen before Tina knows it... Hope that it's not too late la~~ It doesn't seems too great at the time I was leaving tho ~_~ finger cross~

A week in LA

Was working in LA for a week. I was feeling a bit weird that everyone in the office just tried too hard to be good to me... ~_~ It's a good sign anyway... I know I have nothing to complain... just felt a bit weird... I know it's so bad to say it but I did feel a bit embarrassing...

I still prefer working in SB... but seems that next time come to the State, I will probably work in LA office... hope that they will still save me a place to work in their SB house... :P I still enjoy to work a bit,
talk to Zag a bit and play with Nina a bit and then go back to work... :)

Stayed in Darius & Carina's home... I love their house... :) good environment
Kinn n US-09-0405-Darius House

Kinn n US-09-0332-Carina's Room

Made friend with their neighbors Billy and Ethan. They are Jewish, and big fan of Lakers... We spent a few fantastic NBA payoff nights in their flat :D It's interesting to meet people with different background, different culture~~

At the end of the week, I went to the LA Museum of Natural History to see the butterfly exhibition :) love it!!!
Kinn n US-09-0377-Butterfly Exh
The weather wasn't very warm and all the butterflies were being lazy lying everywhere. And it's the best time for photograph!!!! :D haha... the first second I step into the room, a butterfly just laid on me and not leaving even I try to put it away softly :D... how amazing~~

It's a bit dangerous on my way back to SB :S I almost fell asleep when I was driving again :( super scary... actually on my way to LA I was very tired too but I kinda knew it and stop by somewhere, rest a bit and go again.. but on my way back, it's a bit late and I wanted to go home asap and... yep... I will really take rest next time when I feel I gonna fall asleep lerh~~~scary scary

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bat for lashes~~

I've got this album from Megan :) she knows what I like... haha...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Burn After Reading (7.5)

It is such a cool weird film~~ I think the story is really good and the actor did very well too... It's ridiculous in an imaginative way~~~ And Brad Pitt is so hilarious. Maybe when those the handsomest guys act funny, everyone would love to see haha...~~~ and I love it~

Kids (6.5)

I'm a bit disappointed by this movie... maybe because too many people saying it's such a good movie and I'd too high expectation... or maybe I found it too much emphasis on the sex scene.. um... but more or less it's the reality and part of the society. um... maybe just about the timing... it would be much surprising if I saw it when the movie just out...
It's not a bad one really... lalalalala... it's not a waste of time at all... I put it into my can-see list~~

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Yea the baby goat in our house, she's given a new name and she just keep running with me, eating everything in the garden... jump jump jump~~~ she actually jump quite high lately~~ :D:D:D super super super... dont know if she might forget me when I come back again ~_~

Thai dinner~~

I was asking Tina what can I make some dishes with my peanut butter on Friday and it's how we start thinking of this lovely Thai farewell dinner :)... She suggested making a Thai Satad sauce and roast chicken~~ ^__^ and then she gonna make Thai chicken coconut soup~~:P woooohooo~~~~
So I woke up on Sat morning~, went to hardware shop and make the office key I've lost :P went to Peet's and spend a morning there~~ back home, had a simple lunch... and go to shop and get things prepared... everything were running smooth~~ and I marinated the chicken and prepared the sauce before I went out~~:D I went to Goleta beach, laid under sun a bit... and went for basketball, gym (I realised I should train up a bit my thigh muscles so that I can jump higher)~~ Super nice day~~~ start cooking lazily....

The dinner was super nice~~ I do love the soup and of cause the roast chicken and the sauce was super good.... everyone loves it lalallalala :D

After dinner I went to Darius' home and meet Carina's friends. Both of them are super cute~~ They're from Canada (French Canadian) and one of them works in Paris and another worked in London and moved to LA~~~ they are just super nice~~~

It's such a great day~~ ^__^.....

Big Green Big Sur~~

So happy to have a half day off and go camping~~ The only time I went for a camping was like 10 years ago... with Chow Chow and friends~~ It was pretty horrible experience tho. Yellow rainning alert~~ got wet through out the whole day and night...wao... can't believe that I did that really...

Anyway, we've got ready and leave SB at 3...a bit later than we thought but it's great day to go... It's a warm sunny day (normally it's quite cold over there)... It was a nice drive too... I've slept for a tiny bit :P and we arrived at around 7:30. It takes quite a bit longer than I thought... but it worthy~~:D

Kinn n US-09-0203-Big Sur

Kinn n US-09-0144-Big Sur

Kinn n US-09-0136-Big Sur

Kinn n US-09-0186-Big Sur

The red wood there was amazingly tall... It's such a beautiful place to go.... Thanks soooo much for Amber's the best camping planner...~~ woohooo~~~ She's prepared everything and all the meals when we're there~~!!! We set up the tants, and setlle down everyhting... start cooking dinner... played a game called Blockus... which is a very fun stredgy game :) and I won Amber in the first game... lost the second one with Darius. When we were waiting for grilling the salmon for dinner, we smoked too much weed :P and me and Darius we soooo stone, couldn't even really taste the dinner and had to liad down ~_~... Supposed it's some life music there in the bar,,, but we couldnt make it :( aiya~~~~~

The second day was super chill out~~ basically did nothing but eat eat eat and eat... big breakfast, big burger lunch and big steak dinner~~~ We went for a hike, took pictures around~~~ super relax and had a nice dinner. We'd played some games again and I really get the blockus game this time, I won Darius for over double points~~ woohooo~~ We've played another game, I cant remember the name and a card game called Romera too...~~

On Sunday, I've waken up a bit earlier than them and did a little bit yoga... really a tiny tiny bit~~ haha... and being lazy again... packed up a bit of things... had a breakfast and did nothing until we have to leave...

Kinn n US-09-0257-Big Sur

Kinn n US-09-0270-Big Sur
Kinn n US-09-0261-Big Sur
We then went to the Pfeiffer Beach... it was an amazing place too~~ dont know how to explian... see those pictures~~ I just love those foggy beaches in general~~~
Kinn n US-09-0294-Big Sur

Kinn n US-09-0305-Big Sur
We then went to see some Elephane Seals~~ wao wao wao~~~ it is just soooooooooo many of them lying down on the beach~~~ !!! amazing amazing~~~ They are super funny doing stupid things but quite smelly >_< ~~ Kinn n US-09-0312-Big Sur
Just when I thought it's the end of the trip, Amber brought us to a very interesting Hotel, Madonna Inn~~~ and it's just sooooo over the top~~~ everything are super crafted a lot of pinky stuff~~ pink sugar pink rooms... balblablalbal wah~~~ the cakes there are amazing tho~~~ Somehow... I was just thinking too much about how great if would be if I come with someone that I love... wao... and I did imagine and put someone in that fit for the sinerio~~ haha :P yea~~~ shit... I was just thinking too much.... ~_~ just about to arrive SB, Darius got a speed ticket >_<>

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Milk (8.5)

Love it love it love it!! Really can't imagine, it is just 30 sth years ago... The people in US was still so uncivilized.... um... it's really lucky that we're born in this era... ~~ btw, Sean Penn was doing great in the movie! :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Way We Are 天水圍的日與夜(7)

It's just one of the stories around us happen... super simple, real story of the framily probably just next you. A lot of people might find it boring and I wouldn't say I love it very much neither. Yea... A single mum, a kid who's not drug addict, doing okay in school, having a normal relationship with his mum, gradma and his relative. People help each other. We do see the kind of love and connection from it. And ya, it is just the way we are... I am so glad that some people have made this film and I did enjoy watching it...We seldom find this kinda film in HK anymore which simply recording real, nothing-really-specail, no violent, no sex kinda stories.... I am more appreciate the intention of making a film like this really...

I like its English name more than the Chinese one... it's just simply about the movie... while I m feeling the name with 天水圍 is kinda a talking point at that time... well... maybe that's the whole point of taking the movie, at least the starting point I guess... Well, Im just saying it. I dont dislike it or what...

Life in SB (1 month passed)

Switched the car in the morning after paying the penalty on parking ><>

Work work work... and basketball today, I am feeling I m getting much fitter then when I just came... esp in basketball court!! :D

I did play some good basketball games today~~ :D And then watched a nice movie...

The fire in SB is getting more serious! The smoke is just next to us...super close... and we might needa evacuate.... >_<>

Poor Car

Actually it's poor me ~_~... It's a nice weekend but not for my car~~ First I've got a packing ticket which I really didn't know it was a time limit parking zone! It's no sign around I sware!

And then on the lovely sunday morning... Tina found that it's a flat tire on my car! kinda undrivable flat tire...~~ Hans was just super nice helping me to chage to the spare tire... The first time I realise that it's actually pretty simple to change tires~~ :D Hans does it all... but I kinda know how to do it now :)

An Inconvenient Truth (9)

Everyone of us should see it! It's the only thing in my mind after seeing it... It's a documentory about saving the world... All of us really should do something urgently. I did know some of those but it made a very storg statement that it is serious, it is urgent, we all can do something, and it could be a significant change if we do. It's not just slowing the world breaking apart but we could heal the world.

City Without Baseball (2)

I m sorry to say it but I do find this movie disgusting... A lot a lot of random naked scenes, the director dont even know what's he trying to say himself kinda movie. Well I guess the marketing of the movie did save him a bit I guess but I very much feel the actors were cheated to show their muscles and dicks to satisfy the director's own desire. They might have dreamed their naked acting could help promoting their love baseball development in HK... yea... I dont want to be mean but it's never gonna happen~~ The movie wasn't cool, the people inside wasn't cool, the story was boring, kinda shit movie that I had to fastforward quite a bit when I watched it. Unless you are interested in those not very handsome guys taking shower and run naked. Don't waste your time~

Not having Internet is okay sometimes...

I dont have internet here at home most of the time... and I m really not feeling disappointed... well... it's not very convenience sometimes but most of the time I do enjoy without it... I m feeling I m having much more time to do other stuff.... play basketball, watch movies, play with animals... whatever I dont have much time to do in HK I can do here~~ :D

Death Note 1,2 & 3 (5, 4.5 & 1.5)

Have seen quite a few movies that I wanted to see for a while lately... not that I think they would be good... but somehow... I wanna have a look... Death note is one of them... I kinda expected it wouldn't be good (I did love the comic!) but I keep asking people if they have that DVD... finally I've got them from DV998 :P I did feel a bit guilty but um... Even Daat Daat and Leo do that... plus the whole Advertising industry... I really can't find a reason not to... and HK don't have Amazon ma... quite a lot of those DVD are just not worth the money~~~ I wouldn't even thought of watching them if they are not as cheap~~~~ anyway... all are just excuses I know...

Back to the movie, first of all... the casting of Kira was really disappointing... He is so not handsome and not looking smart which lost most of the charm of the movie... L was fine. Probably his acting was good... He's that kinda weird which just fit the charactor. Another good one was Misa Misa... haha she is very cute, looking exactly the same as the comic book~~ haha... They have cut off a lot of necessary scenes and some interesting stuff from the comic... Anyway... it's just boring and not great.

The third episode was just a lie... nothing related to the original story... Just a money making kinda film follow with the heat from death note. hate it hate it hate it.

Soundless Wind Chime (8.5)

Forgot to say something about this movie~~ I do love it! It's one of the best, most touching low budget movie taken by a new director (he's only 29/30) I have seen these few years... I hate people making this kinda comment saying it's not a gay moive but a love story really... Yep... why can't it be labeled... It's nothing wrong with it really... The way the director treat the way to tell the story and the editing was very mature as a new new director. He does put a few not-really-necessary-sexual-scene in the movie but he also kinda gave them some reasons to happen... Well maybe that how we make up stories and have more "selling point" to people... And it was 1 scene that I wasn't sure why was it there... but anyway, I was touched and I would give it an 8~ haha... yea.... recommended~~~

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tracy in SB 09

Tracy just came to SB for a weekend~~ We hanged around SB a bit...



We were (acutally it was only me) thinking to go to Solving but didn't get ourselves too rush and decided not to go... Played with the animals... taken some pictures.... super lay back~~~ wowohooo~~~ The beach was super windy and we only stayed for 20mins maybe? and left. Had a very very very nice dinner in boat House, a restaurant by the beach... super nice food :D except the fish wasn't as good as the one I had in the Harbour.

Polariod-09-04-011-SB Beach

We went for a crazy shopping in an outlet on the way to LA... I was more crazy than Tracy as usual... I m a bit scared of myself if I am prepared to do some shopping... Everytime I prepared to do some shopping, I would really buy a lot... maybe I really shouldn't plan any shopping really...

And then, it's some more shopping in Melrose. Mainly got some super cheap stuff but nice and cool~~ :D

Dinner with Henry in a Spainish Restaurant... nice nice~~ except the seafood rice wasn't that nice.... meatball pasta was unexpectedly delicious~~~ had some good time with Henry... :D:D Suddenly found that he's really handsome... haha... yea yea~~~ Bought a way too sweet cheese cake from cheesecake factory... went to sleep just after the cheesecake...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Super nice Saturday~

Was struggling a bit on the website project yesterday~ after a night of good sleep, I finally figure out something this morning~~ :) It's such a nice weather this morning... I couldn't stop myself going out to the beach :D

haha... I went to the nice nice beach in Montecito~ :) super happy... slept a bit... get some sun tan and think a bit further on the project~~ :)

Got a lunch from Habit~~ Double Char~~ wao~~ so full... and then went to basketball~~ :) my feet is still a bit painful after like half an hour running tho. My stomach was a bit pain coz of the heavy late lunch :P But I was in good today... scored quite a bit~~ :) Ho ho ho~~~ and did a bit of gym... and go back home.. dinner's waiting for me :D vegetable soup plus a few piece of ham :) simple and nice~~

um... hope that I can get the whole plan done tonight ^__^ and tmr I can continue with some other things~~

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Finish a season~~

It's taken me 4 months to finsh the first season while only take me 2 weeks to finish a season of Six Feet Under here~~ :D the 2nd season is getting boring tho...not sure if I will start the 3rd when I go home :P maybe just return it to Josphe ba la~~

Easter Dinner~

It was such a warm Easter dinner ^__^... a huge piece of harm and some very nice vegi soup~~
Kinn n US-09-0031-SB-Easter Dinner

The first time I've done Easter eggs in my life~~
Kinn n US-09-0069-SB-Easter Dinner

And Ishi shows us how he play with a rat until it dies when I was doing the Easter eggs~
Kinn n US-09-0055-SB-Easter Dinner

Basketball Days~~~

Start playing basketball almost everyday now :) and start workout a bit too... you know my chest part only :P

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Drive a Porcshe

I drove Hans to work so that I can use his car during the day~ When I was sitting in a cafe, playing with the car key, I suddenly found that the car I was driving is actually a Porcshe! The model that looks nothing like a Porcshe in my mind but like a family car tho :Phaha... but it's such a once in a life thing~ wooohooo~~~ it worthy a whole project.. I should do his project for him for free~~ :D hohohoo~~~ for that experience! But I have to say... I feel like I m driivng a very heavy car... I have to keep giving gas to have it running while the cheap car I drove before would actually go for a while even I dont give it gas~~Everything in the car is actually very convinence... I can feel all those little details from the people who create it~~~~

Arrive SB

I m feeling I love here much more than I thought~ The air, the weather, the places and people... I m not very sure about LA but I would love to come to SB once a while really~ :) Tina and Hans were just sooooooo nice to me... I m staying in a room that much nicer than the one I used to stay... we have dinner together and talk a lot~~Met Hans friend Eddie and his wife from Austria. They are just super nice people came to west coast for 3 weeks travelling around. just about to leave tmr~ She's cooked a very good meal with Pumpkin! all pumpkin meal :):) happy happy~

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back in HK

go back to my HK blog~~

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kinn n Japan - Tokyo again

(11.00a) It’s similar to HK’s CNY, except some chain store and chain restaurants open. So, I went to a temple nearby with Paulo and walked around Nakano area. There was a big queue in front of a city hall building. It seems like they are having a New Year short trip together. ^_^ very local lerh…

(4.00p) Paulo was having fever and had to take rest. And I went out by myself to Shijuku to have some random walk. Actually most of the department stores were open. I heard that they would have big sale from this 2 days, but obviously it’s not started yet :). Kinda meaningless walking and walking, trying to look for a headphone to replace my broken one T____T. Somehow I went to one of the food market section. Their sushi were in big sale!!!! Wao wao wao…. A box of long leg crab rice was selling 800yen only and a pretty nice sushi box (10+ pieces) were selling 580yen!!!! Yea… even cheaper than those lunch box stores :D I’ve bough dinner for me and Paulo + lunch for next day too… But then I remembered I would meet up YJ and Aya for whole day~~~ oops… maybe that’s too much then :P. but a big sushi for 2 was only 1500yen! How worthy was it!

(9.00p) Nothing much to do. Had a dinner and sort out some photos and work on the proposal a bit. Sleep sleep sleep~~~ and ready for the meeting next day!!! I’ve 5+ years haven’t seen them ^__^ woowo…. So exciting :)

(10.00a) Sorted out some photos taken during the trip, I started preparing to go out to meet YJ and Aya ^__^.


(11.30a) Meeting them in the JR station called Kichi Jo Ji (吉样寺). Taka, Aya’s brother and his gf, Heishi (hope that I it’s the correct spelling :)), Aya’s best friend and her bf (can’t remember their name lo) has come too~~~ woowowow… and we went for a walk for a while around the area.

I’ve bought a next year forecast for myself in the New Year day and forgot to ask for the meaning from the guesthouse in Kyoto. So I asked Aya about it and it seems that it will not be a easy year lerh… it said, I have to be patient and keep waiting and the solution of problems will be appearing eventually. On my love life, it will be someone comes up to block the real one. Just needs to be honest and do not care that much about that person who block the way, and it will be fine :D. It also said I will lost something that I can never find it back -_-…. And THE MOST IMPORTANT one it recommends me not to travel by myself but to travel with friends or lover next year! Otherwise, I will be in accident or what T_T okay… lover and friends, listen, go with me if I tell you I gonna go travel :D… etc etc…

Aya’s bought a pair of glasses from an optical shop. Surprisingly, the glasses there were actually not expensive at all and in quite good quality. Some okay nice frames including the lens, it’s around 6000yen. Of course it’s some more expensive ones but most of them are pretty reasonable price. I was thinking to buy a pair of sun glasses but finally didn’t buy it.

(1.30p) We then went to a curry shop and the curry there were very nice… it’s like 1000yen each and much much better than the one I’ve had last time in Osaka station! And the environment there was very nice too. very closy and friendly ^__^ + good food :D love it…

(2.30p) We went to Inokashira Park, quite famous part locally, for a walk and went to a shrine to make a wish (again). Yea.. they told me and YJ that we can go to the 工崎俊 museum quite close to the part while local people have to make an appointment to go there. Um.. and I decided not to go lu… everyone has been there anyway :)

(3.30p) We walked a bit around and then we went into a coffee shop to have tea :P haha… keep eating and eating… I’ve ordered a glass of ice-cream. I wanted to have ice-cream from the first day I arrived Japan and never had one. Haha… the one I’ve chosen was very very good. Sesame ice-cream + coffee jelly + some mesh beans + cream. Nice nice… ^_^ btw, Heishi was super nice! I don’t have enough cash and wanted to change some money from US dollars but the bank will not open these 2 days. She said she could change it with me first and she could do it later in the bank. :D soooooo happy lerh… feeling so good to have cash with me again!!!

(5.30p) We went to Shijuku together and had a walk in a department store. :) I thought it would be big sale around but seems that it’s not much on sale. There are a lot of shops selling their “lucky bag” which you don’t know what they put in but normally worth more than the money gum lo….

(8.30p) Went back and sort out some more photos… and think of a bit the proposal for Hans’ product. It’s such a peaceful relax day :)

(11.00a) Went to Yokohama today by myself:). It’s just 30mins train from Tokyo directly from Shijuku.

(11.45a) Yokohama is much nicer city than Tokyo to me. It’s much spacious and less crowded than Tokyo. Maybe partly because of the weather (sunny and much warmer) and also it’s by the sea (it’s just an add-points factor). Went to the information center and asked for directions and started my half day walking trip in Yokohama.



(12.30p) Anpaman Children Museum!!!!! Woooo… It’s such a great place for families to spend a half day. I can so much feel the happiness around. The whole thing, inc. the foods, the souvenirs, the entrance fee… probably earns a lot of money. Regarding the conversation with Paulo about fairness, I mean, you can tell people who made the museum have spent a lot of time and money to create something which makes a lot of families enjoy some time there. They should be paid some good money. Also people who invest money on the park has take the risk of not earning money from it and made a right decision to trust some good people who finished the project nicely. Of course they are earning much more than the people who sell breads and check tickets in the park. And eventually, the difference between them (in terms of wealthiness) is getting much bigger. But to be honest, it’s how the world moved forward. Maybe there is making some kind of unfairness but this idea itself isn’t the problem, ya? It might be some other ways to reduce the unfairness but I really can’t see the problem of some people earning more than some others. Anyway… nothing much gonna change anyway. haha… it’s a nice place to go.

(1.30p) Lunch time~~~~ I sat in an area under the tallest building in Yokohama (quite an ugly one) and 2 western guys were juggling. A lot of people were looking but actually they weren’t playing that brilliant.



(2.00p) Yokohama Pier was amazing!!! The wooden architecture was entirely impressive! I had seen some photos about it before but still I was very impressed when I went there.


(4.00p) China Town + Yokohama Stadium + area around. To be honest, I like Yokohama much more than Tokyo. Well, the part of Tokyo I’ve been. (I quite like Kichi Jo Ji and Nakana but still Yokohama seem to be a bit nicer to me). I walked a bit around more and passed through Anpanman Museum again and went to buy something for Sui Hang… :) ya yea yea



(7.00p) I went to Shibuya by myself. I think it’s not my first time to be there but I had no memory to this place. I thought I would see a lot of people dressing up weirdly but turn out it was kinda normal and I feel that I was in Causeway Bay. I really find the area around shijuku quite boring really. Either buying or eating, and really nothing much to do.

(9.00p) Went back to Nakano and had Indian food with Paulo. It was nicer than the western food I’ve had here. At least the chicken was quite juicy and taste good.

(10.30p) sorted out photos and feeling a tiny bit illness.

(11.30a) Went to Tokyo Dome with Paulo. He is still on holiday until next week… lucky him… It is quite a nice area with a big rolling coaster on top of a shopping mall and a lot of attractions like free falling and stuff. We went into a Jump shop and found quite interesting toys there too :D suddenly really want to read One Piece a lot!!!!

(12.05p) Had lunch in American Restaurant which Paulo recommended. The food there was not good indeed but….. the DESSERT was absolutely amazing! I ordered a cup of dessert called “very chocolate” or something like that. It’s actually a baked brownie with ice-cream + cream + raspberry sauce on top. It’s just so delicious and made me super stuffed!!!! Really need a lot of exercise once I get back to HK!! Yoga tmr :)~~~

(14.00p) Akihabara. The very famous electronic street. We went into a video game shop and played a bit. I still want to try the Gundom game but it’s a bit expensive (500Yen) for 2 games lerh. Anyway after the game shop, he had another meeting and I just hang around by myself. I wanted to buy a headphone there but walked for almost an hour and couldn’t find any nice one or they are super expensive. I finally saw a Panasonic one and find it quite familiar. It’s quite an old model but I do like it. Thought for a long time and decided not to buy it. It probably cheaper in HK I thought.

(5.00p) D-Department is one of the places I planed to go in Tokyo. They collect old furniture and old design products and fix them and resell them. Unlike a lot of 2nd hand shops that they only trade the used stuff, they really take extremely care about the things they are selling. I quite like the idea but it would never work in HK I guess. I saw a headphone and wanted to buy it too… very simple and old style, 6600yen is affordable too. But I guess I really should save money. The only thing I’ve got from there is a magazine that I think it might be useful for reference for the meeting with Alex.

(6.45p) Left the D-Department. It’s actually a little bit outside the central part of Tokyo. I went to Harajuku afterwards. I leave the train and walked down the street. It’s just some more shopping in MK quality maybe a tiny bit nicer. I keep walking down the road and found that it is actually connected to the place I went last time nearby the MoMA Design shop. Walked a bit and still nothing really worth buying… Almost the time to meet up Eiji and Kauru for dinner.

(9.00p) Dinner with Eiji and Kauru. We had Kansai style Okonomiyaki (關西燒). The one I’ve had in the market called Hiroshima Okonomiyaki (or Hiroshima-yaki 廣島燒). They didn’t let me pay for the dinner and offer me a gift too T_____T such a pair of nice couple. Well, they are having some problem between but I do hope that they will be together again eventually. The problem was actually all about the changing environment and different expectations but I can tell they do still care about each other. Finger cross~

(11.50p) Keep on thinking to go back to HK these few days in Tokyo… didn’t really enjoy the time here to be honest. It was super good to meet up my old friends and having good food with them but still not entirely. Probably not the first time I so much feel I miss HK but it’s the most recent one thus most real one :D. Packing my stuff and prepare my last day morning trip and heading bed :)

(10:00a) I went to the famous fish market in Japan. Surprisingly the fish rice there was quite cheap. They are very delicious though. I think I will go there again when I come back to Tokyo next time. There is actually not much making me love or hate Tokyo but I guess it’s a place that I don’t mind to come again. I wouldn’t really pay to come again soon :)

(2.00p) Carried a lot of luggage and take the train by myself. The Shinjuku station is still confusing and too complicated to find the right way. Go go go go go go…. Going home soon :)

(6.00p) In the last minutes, I’ve decided to buy 2 travel magazines which just cost 2880yen altogether. I didn’t plan it but I just spent alllllll of my coins on my pocket and I have 1000yen left at the end! wao wao wao~~~~~~…

Finally come to the end of the trip, 2 of the wealthiest regions in the world, the 2 most materials countries. They are very different in terms of everything basically. People have different concepts of good and bad. They are having different lifestyles different way of spending money. In a way, ya, unfortunately, I think I do prefer the American way of living more. And, if it’s the choice of Japan and HK, I would definitely choose HK. :)

After this 7 months, I still haven’t much saving (probably still a bit more than I could save if I stay in HK) but I’ve earned so much different things that could never get from staying in HK. Hope that everything will be smooth in the coming year and it’s my new year from today :) Bye~ my lovely 2008~~~